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Hire Us for Transportation Services in Kapuskasing

Do you want to get your goods and products delivered safely and on time? Michel Maillé Transport Inc. provides 24/7 transportation services. Based in Kapuskasing, we offer our transportation and hauling services in Ontario, Québec and British Columbia. With our wagon of trailers and equipment, we can transport your goods and products from one location to another in a safe and responsible way. 

Our licensed and insured drivers will ensure that your products are delivered at the appointed time. We also provide storage services on request. Whether you want to transport goods or store them with us, you can rest assured that they are in safe hands.

Transport Services We Provide

We provide reliable and dependable vehicle transportation and hauling services. These include:

24/7 transport services

Local or regional hauling services

Long-distance hauling services throughout the province


Our Specialities

We specialize in bulk transportation and heavy hauling. We have the right equipment to safely haul and transport your heavy freight to its destination and have nearly 40 years of experience in this field. Other specialties that we offer are listed below:

Flatbed transport

Coast-to-coast transport

City transport

Trailer Types We Have

We have a fleet of well-maintained trailers to take care of your hauling and transportation needs. We also have shuttle trucks to help you with lesser loads. Some of our trailer types are:


B trains

53’ trailers

Hire us for heavy and light hauling services all around the province.

Heavy and Long-distance Hauling?

We provide coast-to-coast and city hauling services.

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